Transwest Helicopters is proud to own and operate a Bell 412 EP helicopter perfectly suited for utility and firefighting operations.

Our Bell 412 EP C-GTWJ includes ‘J for Jeff’ in honour of our long-time Chief Pilot Jeff Brown who sadly passed away in October 2018.

Transwest Helicopters 1965
Transwest Helicopters 1965

The Bell 412 EP is known in the industry as a daily workhorse with an expansive cabin providing multi-mission flexibility.

Helicopter Facts Performance Spcifications - Bell 412 EP

Cruise Speed

120 kts

Max Airspeed/Stable Underslung Load

80 kts

Basic Aircraft Weight (Average for fleet)

7,000 lbs

Max. Internal Gross Weight

11,900 lbs

Max. External Gross Weight

11,900 lbs

Max. External Underslung Load

4,500 lbs

Max. Number of passengers

13 pax/2 crews


3 hrs

Fuel Consumption

738 lbs/420 ltrs

Our Chief Pilot and Operations Manager, Jason Brown has over 13,000 hours total time flying helicopters both domestically and internationally. In a heli-career spanning nearly 30 years, Jason has a wide range of experience in various environments including fire suppression, mountain, heli-skiing and wire-line

Transwest Helicopters 1965

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