Co-Pilot Seat Modification with Sheepskin Covers

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The Transwest Co-Pilot Seat Modification offers the most comfort of any VR seats. The Co-Pilot Seat is tilted slightly outboard for better positioning. With the LH lumbar completely removed and the seat cushions (back and bottom) extended this is the not only the most comfortable seat but also provides added support. The sheepskin covers assist with regulating heat and makes flying those long days a little easier.

Aircraft Model(s)

Bell 204, 205A, 205A-1, 212, 214B, 214B-1


FAA STC pending

  • format_list_bulletedFeatures & Benefits


    · Both back and bottom cushions are extented
    · Seat tilted slightly outboard
    · LH lumbar is completely eliminated
    · Covers made with top quality Sheepskin
    · Covers are designed so they can be easily replaced


    · Improved comfort during Vertical Reference operations
    · Improved support with extended cushions
    · Easy to replace Sheepskin covers